Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One, Two, Three, No

Well hello there.  So something you may or may not know about me, depending on how you stumbled upon this blog, is I'm a 'runner'.  I run at least five days a week, so I'm not entirely sure if that makes me a runner, but I say yes.  Unfortunately I'm not one of those crazies lucky ducks who absolutely love doing it, but I don't hate it.  After I wake up, it usually takes Joe about half an hour to talk me into lacing up my shoes, and then we're off.

As much as I kind of don't mind running, I HATE anything strength related.  I'll run six miles for you before I'll do three squats and a crunch.  Plus, since apparently, I'm a dude, I build muscle like one.  So, three days of too many push-ups and I look like I'm ready to arm muscle The Rock (yes, I'm offering).  Also, people start to question my sexual orientation.  Just ask the boyfriend, whose first words he ever spoke to me were, 'so are you like a lesbian or something?'.  It's quite the sweet love story.

Anyway, since, despite all my efforts, I'm getting older, just going for a jog isn't cutting it for this little piggy anymore.  So, I decided to give 30 Day Shred a try, since I found out that I actually own it.  It was sitting right next to the Jurassic Park DVD I was looking for.

Yesterday was day one and it's really not that bad while you're doing it, and I even went on a quick run with Joe first.  When I woke up today, though, that was a different story.  I felt fine before I got out of bed, but once I had to get up and start chasing around today's manager of mischief, I could definitely feel it in my legs.

So, since today was day two, I put on my shoes, pushed play on the PS3, got to work, and made these:

Tomorrow is le boyfriend's dad's birthday and he likes cheesecake, so viola.  I also, washed the dishes, cursed out the dishwasher for breaking the other day and forcing me to wash the dishes, played hide and seek with the dog, and found six bobby pins.  That Jillian Michaels wasn't lying, big time results.  And it only took me two days to find all those bobby pins, that's quite a phenomena in girl land. 

I feel like such a bum, because I don't even find the workout to be impossible or anything, but lunges make me feel like I want to cry.  I know, rough life over here.  Maybe I'll finish eating this avocado and give it another try or maybe I'll just Instagram some pics of the kids, because they're being hella cute right now.

Come on, don't act surprised I went with option number two.

You can't make me.


  1. 1. i neeeeed 30 day shred. I'm really just ballooning over here.

    2. DYING over the snuggles. how does that even happen in real life

  2. 1. I would totally give you my copy so I have an even better reason not to do it.

    2. My camera roll on my phone is basically 900 pictures of variations of them snuggling. It's out of hand.

  3. just realized you are doing something I did when I started blogging- you have to respond to the person via the email you get otherwise we don't know if you respond unless we check back on the page!!