Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Free Willy

So, yesterday was day seven for Olive in the e-collar, so guess who was set free?

That's right, and because I'm a freakshow and I think that Joey was sitting around thinking about how unfair it is that she was still coned up, we decided to go ahead and set her free too.

Thank. God. While they have been running around like two chickens with their heads cut off (have you actually seen that before? It'll scar you for life.) I feel like I've been set free.  Yes, I'm still a slave to them, but a little less pathetic.  I've basically spent the past week asking 'how high?' when I tell them to jump.  Most of the past week I've had to sleep on the couch or the floor with them, or some awkward combination of both. Don't ask, just know my back is killing me.  They've been hand fed, even though I caught both of them eating just fine on their own.  I had to cut short my amazing vacation this weekend.  Basically, my life has centered around them even more than I thought possible.

Now, every pet mom knows they would do more for their babies than they would for some humans.  Admit it.  And if that's not true for you, give me your pets, you're doing it wrong.  But, I may or may not have reached a new low yesterday.  The e-collar was preventing Joey from being able to hold onto her bone so she could chew on it.  So like a pathetic good momma, I held it for her.

After about ten minutes, ok fine, an hour, of doing this, I realized this just might be why all the boyfriend's friends call Joe a brat.  I mean, they're wrong and I hate them, but I see it.

So, instead of teaching them to be self sufficient with the e-collars on, I just took them off, and everything is exactly the same. Oh well, what can you do? 

Also, Olive got a bath and she loved it. 

Over and out.
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  1. omg it killed me that you held the bone. love it.

  2. Oh I hit that new low a long time ago...with the bone-holding, I mean. And it wasn't even because she couldn't hold it on her own.

    Also, your cat likes BATHS?

  3. I just got Boomer out of a cone after 10 days and it was torture - he was using that cone like a weapon, he could practically herd me around with it!

    And really the cats likes baths wow!! I thought they all hated water?

  4. tiny olive is so cute I'm gonna die. Also Lil gets in moods where she needs me to hold her bone. I do for a while most of the time