Friday, August 30, 2013

It Is Time

Annnnnd football season is officially underway.  Thank. You.  Jesus.  I've missed it more than I missed cheese the one time I gave that up for a year.  I'm sure most of you can agree with me, it's crazy to give up cheese and hooray for football season.  Unlike some of you guys though, I'm lucky enough to be just as obsessed with baseball, so I haven't been left too lonely.

Hi Jennas!

And I'm realllllly hoping my football teams follow in the ass kicking footsteps of those boys up in ATL.  Although I was raised in the Gainesville, I spent the first two years of my life in South Florida, which was just enough time to make me a Hurricane.

My only regret in life is not being born a dude so I could know the joy of scoring a touchdown rocking the orange and green.

A close second to actually scoring a TD is watching it happen.  And kickoff returns.  And punt returns. And field goals.  And sacks.  FOOTBALL.

You know what's awesome about grown up jobs?  No work on the weekends.  No more getting updates from the kitchen staff or manager on whether or not my boys are winning.  I get to watch those W's first hand now.  Well, except for those pesky little Thursday or Friday games since I work over night, and what do you know? Hurricane football kicks off on a stinkin' Friday this year.  Life is cruel sometimes.  Might be time to invest in some NCAAF scrubs.  My patients are rude enough to come in in FSU, UF, or even worse, Ohio State pajamas, it's only fair.   I have a nice little sweater I can rock when it gets too cold in the hospital, though.  Don't worry.

My other regret in life is falling in love with a non-Hurricane fan.  Even worse, falling in love with a Florida State fan.  Life keeps getting crueler and crueler.  What can you do? 

Here's hoping those boys in Miami back all of my shit talking up this year, because I do a ton of it, and they haven't really made life easy for me.  

Since our game is tonight, Saturday I'm left to enjoy myself with no pressure of winning or losing, and hopefully not finding myself in a Florida State shirt, again.

Is it me? Is it not?  Between the poor quality of the picture and the shitty Instagram filter purposely used, it's a little like a Big Foot siting.  Sure it kind of looks like me, but come on, would I really wear those horrible colors?  Shit.  See how stupid love makes you?!  Please don't tell my Dad.  He wouldn't be able to write me out of the will fast enough.

Like any true American, nothing starts my week off right like a UM win over the weekend, and nothing fucks up my week like suffering a loss.  You know, the important shit in life. Hopefully my Memorial Day weekend starts off right this year.  Labor Day?  I can never remember which one is in September and which one is in May.  Or March.  Whatever.  I can definitely remember the last time I watched a Miami National Championship win, and it's been a minute.  It's not necessary for any other Florida teams to chime in on the date, or for any Ohio State fans to remind me what happened the year after.  Thanks.  If you think this message was directed at you, it was, and you suck.

Whatev, we win overall, because we had The Rock.

What's It All About?

That's more like it.  Welcome to football season boys and girls.

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. I worked in the restaurant business forever too, and I agree, nothing like having the entire day off and not having to worry about someone feeding you the score. I see your boys won by a landslide over the weekend though!