Monday, August 19, 2013

I Can Die Happy Now

Guys.  This weekend.  It was everything I wanted it to be and more.  Just think about how good two hours of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z would be and then multiply that by a billion. And then square that.  And you're still not even close to how amazing it was. I should have known this weekend was going to be fantastic as soon as it started.

Funny side note about this, the boy told me when he got back to work, he kind of panicked, because he thought I wouldn't notice the note until I started driving, and would try to read it and crash into a house.  He really does know me.  Anywho, after I safely read and removed this from the mirror, I headed out to pick this little lady up.

Naturally, I got lost going to her house.  The directions involve like two turns, I'm sure she was excited to see where we would end up trying to get to Miami.  Word of advice, if you're going on a road trip, take this girl.  She made three hours feel like 30 minutes.  But only if she wants to go, please don't kidnap her, she has a child.

After we successfully made it down there without getting lost once, we relaxed for about 45-ish minutes and then left for Heaven The Sunlife Stadium, with only about an hour to wait before the show started.  I was super worried about it being insanely hot or rainy, but it was absolutely gorgeous out.  So waiting around wasn't near as painful as it could have been, plus we had $10 beers. 

And then waiting one hour turned into two and half hours.  Lame, guys.  I had to pee really bad starting at about 8:05 and refused to budge from my seat, until at about 8:45 whenI finally thought I was going to have an accident in front of 40,000 people.  Little did I know, I still had 45 minutes to spare.  That pretty girl on the left found out that Rhianna was the hold up.  Bish can't be on time apparently, and Hova enables that behavior by making everybody else wait.  Definitely unfollowing her on IG right about now. 

Another side note, my two hot dates had never met before, so naturally I worried about some awkwardness, but there was absolutely none.  The three us had an absolute blast together.

And then this happened: 

And this too:

And let's not forget about this:

Oh, hey there.

Hit me.

Thanks for coming by, Rick Ross.

You too, Timbaland.


And one more before my phone died.

And then they made me leave, and I had to use a port-a-potty.  So the end was kind of a nightmare.  Sorry, the videos are a little shaky, but JT asked me to 'do that ass shaking thing I do' and Lord, did I.  So, we were super exhausted and promptly passed out as soon as we got back.  Six hours of sleep and then I got to see the daddy-o!

Already rocking the concert tee.
And then it was time to head back to Jamlando, putting too much distance between me and one amazing weekend. So amazing that I have every intention of seeing those two guys when they come to O-town in December.  I was mostly there for JT.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I voted for 'Big  Pimpin'' on TRL back in the day, but I don't know that I would have driven 230 miles to see him if Justin wasn't involved.  And I regret feeling that way, because they were both absolutely unbelievable, but Jay-Z is hands down the best live act I have ever seen in my entire life, and I've seen acts ranging from Britney Spears to Nine Inch Nails.  Never, ever, turn down a chance to see him.  Trust me.

So, now my legs hurt worse from dancing than they did the one time I accidentally ran eight miles, and I have absolutely no voice.

My first world problems were immediately cured after I discovered Jess left a bag of Resse's in my car.  Basically I got a present after all this amazingness. I'm pretty much winning life right now.

Time to start saving up for their show in December.  All you guys should come.  Except for you, Rhianna.  Rude boy.

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  1. mmm accidently ran 8 miles? post about it please. Also all around sounds like a baller weekend