Friday, August 16, 2013

I Don't Think I'm Ready For This Jelly

Hey kittens! I made it through my second three day work week in a row.  I know.  It was touch and go there around Tuesday.  And my just reward isssss....

I can't.  I don't even.  I'm dead.  Will Justin ask me to be his senorita?  Will he play Senorita?  I'll be in Miami, will somebody at least call me 'senorita'?   Jay, I'd actually prefer you not to call me by any of your song titles, because, let's be honest, the odds of it not being demeaning are pretty slim.  Unless of course you want to call me 'Big Pimpin', because, well for obvious reasons. 

Not only am I excited for those two smooth operators to provide me some top notch entertainment for the night, I've convinced myself of two things:

Number 1:  Beyonce is definitely going to be there.  She just finished up her tour, she has songs recorded with both of them, and her new haircut is perfect for the Miami heat.  So, frankly it would just be lazy of her not to step on stage.  Thanks in advance, Sasha Fierce.

Number 2:  Obvious.  NSYNC reunion.  Am I ready for this?  Choreography wise?  Absolutely.  Emotionally?  Probably not.  I squeal a little bit every time they surprise me on my running playlist.  Actually getting to watch them perform?  Just go ahead and ask me to leave.

Hey, how's this for a road trip game?  I play nothing but NSYNC all the way to Miami, and the first person to not know the lyrics to a song gets pushed out of the car?  Too much?  Well, we're at least not being friends anymore and I'm leaving you in the Everglades.

How excited am I for this?  Well, I'm leaving the pets behind, and that's pretty huge for me.  I frequently debate trying to pass Joey off as a seeing eye dog so I can take her shopping with me.  (That would never work, because Joey doesn't really have the stoic nature of a service animal, so much as the awkwardness of a two hour old colt.)  Anything I leave the kiddos behind for is probably on my non existent bucket list.  This day will probably rank right up there with the day I get married, and that's really dependent on whether or not that marriage actually involves J-Timb.

Anywho, just remember, if you need to get in touch with me this weekend, call 1-900-HUSTLA, and tell Hova I'm in the first section, second row.

Jigga What.

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  1. I saw this concert in Detroit a couple weeks ago, and you will LOVE it! Be ready to dance your booty off the entire time!!! Have fun :)