Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Sickness and In Chubbiness

My new, wonderful, medication has a kind of unfortunate side effect:  weight gain.  I think actually the side effect is more of an increase in appetite, but the more ya eat...Anyway, so I work out on the reg, but I'm a big fat, fatty, fat fat, when it comes to food.  I try my hardest to eat fairly healthy, but I just love all things fried, potato, ice cream related.  The fat kid in me just won't die. 

Well, the fat kid in me needs to be stopped.  Being overweight is not fun.  Been there, ate that.  Do you any idea how hard it is to diet while living with a boyfriend?  It can't be done.  Guys just don't get it.  They never have and never will.  I've only been trying to diet since Sunday and the boy has already sabotaged Operation Keep Tina Looking Precious, Not Looking Like Precious.  Since this weekend, I've been force fed Tijuana Flats, french fries, an omelet, somewhere in the ballpark of eighteen biscuits, and somebody decided to be a real jerk this weekend and make peach cobler.  It wasn't me, because I was stuck to the couch like Mama June after Thanksgiving. 

Ok, and maybe the Tijuana Flats was 100% my idea, but I've been craving a chimichanga since April.  It had to happen.

Worst part about all of this?  I have to start watching what I eat right before all the holidays start.  No pumpkin flavored anything, no Halloween candy, no finding out just how may things can be made into a casserole, and no eggnog.  Ladies and gentlemen, the definition of a first world problem.

 Will I be successful in keeping any weight gain at bay?  Well, I did have four mini Reese's last night at work, before the mini Snickers, but after the broccoli, so your guess is as good as mine.  Mr. Boyfriend hasn't necessarily promised to grow old with me, but he has on more than one occasion expressed interest in getting fat with me, so at least I won't go this alone.

Good God Let's Eat.


  1. I'm trying to diet too. Cutting back on dairy and two favorites. It's so HARD. I hate it :(

  2. Come sit next to the pregnant lady, no judgement here!

  3. I ate 11 mini snickers right before Tom got home from work. then we had hummus. then we had dinner. I had seconds.

    I'm not good at this.