Friday, July 26, 2013

Wait a Minute

Do you ever have those moments where your boyfriend or girlfriend does something and you think 'man, they really were made for me'?  Whether it be for right now or forever, you just know that you were supposed to be with them.  Did I just make you throw up a little?  Good.  Don't worry, this won't be as sappy and nauseating as you think it will.  If you want some of that, you can jump on over here and check that out.  I promise, this won't be like that.  Hang in there.

I had one of those moments recently.  So, I got home from work yesterday morning and did what I always do when I get home, grabbed a soda off the end table next to the front door, took a few sips, and stuck it in the fridge.  You're probably wondering if we keep our sodas next to the front door, and no, we don't.  They hang out in the refrigerator where they belong.  That wonderful boyfriend of mine has a little habit of not finishing his drinks and leaving them out.  This would probably drive most women (I'm trying this new thing where I refer to myself as a 'woman' since I'm 27 now, it's totally freaking me out) crazy.  You see, I LOVE room temperature drinks.  Lukewarm water?  Rocks my socks off.  You're telling me that soda is tepid AND flat?  GIVE ME.  Flat soda is the absolute best.  I know, it's weird.

And I like that he subconsciously supports this strange little thing about me.  Yeah yeah, I know, he probably just forgets about them, and I'm just weird, but you get my point.  What could be seen as flaws on both of us, actually works out for the other person.  Bam.  Perfect.

A few other silly things work out really well in our relationship's favor.

One thing about me that isn't necessarily weird, but definitely drives everybody the boyfriend crazy is I am a hardcore morning person.  I LOVE waking up and do so ready to bug the shit out of you with the sunshine coming out of my ass.

Yeah, I'm THAT person.  And it doesn't matter what my schedule is, I'm just happy as a clam when I wake up.  Time for the boy to get up?

 Do you have any idea how much worse somebody who wakes up actually giggling can make you feel if you're not a morning person?  I've probably been a lot closer to getting smothered with a pillow than I would care to know.  Cool thing about me and le boyfriend?  We have complete opposite schedules.  I go to sleep right before he wakes up, so I miss out on the grumpy (but very cute) train stomping around my house.  By the time he gets home for lunch though my sweet boyfriend is back to normal, and I'm just jumping out of bed, in all my annoyingly happy glory.

Perfect timing.

Now, let's hop back on over to Food & Drink for $200, Alex.  Occasionally, David is super un-American and doesn't finish all of his food.  Good news is, I'm a big fat fatty fat face.  Even better news is, usually when he does this, his meal involves french fries.  And the best news is, french fries are pretty much my favorite thing in all of the land.  Since I'm the only one around when this happens clearly his favorite person, those yummy carbohydrates are all mine.  And you know me.

What am I trying to tell you here?  This relationship isn't built on silly things like politics or religion, but on the things that really matter, my annoying personality and his refusal inability to put things away.  Also, because he gives me treats, like a pet.  And I clean up his mess.  And I don't talk to him in the morning.  Wait.


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