Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Just Another Day

So, my birthday's over.  Bah humbug.  Whatever, I guess it's another person's turn.  The nice thing is my birthday was in the middle of the week, so I was able to trick people into an entire weekend situation.  I wasn't able to trick the boy into giving me presents until the actual day though, but I did clean up pretty nicely.

If you don't know who Jason Taylor is, shame.  Look him up.  Your girl is even more football ready than usual, if that was even possible.  I was pretty sure that was all I was getting, until my favorite boy woke up on my birthday and told me he had more presents for me hidden at his office, since I cannot be trusted around wrapped presents.  He had to duct tape a Christmas gift last year.  No lie.  I have nothing to say for myself.  So, when I hear his truck pull up at lunch time, my excitement was a little on the not so 27 year old side. And then he comes in, hands empty.

I didn't fall asleep until three o'clock in the morning and woke up a mere three and a half hours after that because I'm a child and was too excited to go to sleep knowing it was my birthday.  What the shit?

He was smart enough to walk in with his best friend who bought me a bottle of wine and some Crown Royal Maple.  Good lookin' out, Jay.  Sidenote:  Have you guys tried that shit?  It's ah-mazing.  If I had pancakes for breakfast instead of pizza that day, I would have covered those bad boys in that stuff.  Yeah, that's a good idea, America, a breakfast liquor.  

Anywho, so my boyfriend's a giant liar and my presents were hidden at his dad's house, so now I have to wait until after 5:00.  Just so you know, 27 year olds pout.  He's lucky he came home with some pretty awesome stuff.  
Flowers, candy, gift cards, and perfume.  This guy has pretty much been nailing all the gift giving occasions since the day we met, which is impressive, because my 24th birthday was two and a half weeks after we met, so pretty much all knew about me was I ate fake cheese and worked a million hours a week.  It's unfortunate he doesn't piss me off more often, so he has to buy me presents to win back my love.  
And since it was my birthday, and I figured everybody, especially the bf, had to do what I said, I decided to take full advantage and get lots and lots of good pictures of the two of us.


Yeah, it didn't really work.
Oh, hey, there we go.  I'm sure it'll be another six months before I get him to do this again.  I'm convinced he has some rare phobia of having his picture taken.  Don't some weirdos think it takes away some of their soul each time they have their picture taken?  Is that in a movie?  Did I make that up?  What kind of person am I dating here?  I gotta go.

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