Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Don't Even Know What Normal Looks Like Anymore

Ok, I need to whine for just a second, and then I'll get to useless stories about my pets that I think other people are on the edge of the seats waiting for.  I absolutely LOVE my job.  I honestly can't remember a time that I dreaded going in for the night, and that's pretty rare.  I love the people I work with, the people I work for, my patients, I even enjoy my weird schedule.  That being said, there are absolutely no words to describe my night last night.  Here's a picture of my face though.

See that cute little mask I'm wearing?  I only wear that for two reasons:  I'm sick or my patient's sick and I don't want any germs getting passed back and forth, or things have gotten...messy.  Guess what?  Everybody's immune system was in tip top shape last night.  I work in the medical field, use your imagination. And that's all I will say to avoid HIPAA tracking me down and putting me in a head lock.  Let's just say, I don't usually have a drink after work but that girl up there was throwing them back at 7:15 this morning.

Anywho, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about my freak show children.  My pets are WEIRD.  And not your normal 'why does my dog keep smelling that?' or 'why does my cat have to sit on EVERYTHING?' type of weirdness, but really weird.  We'll start with my oldest.

Hi Penny!

Now, she does do the weird 'have to sit on everything I'm not supposed to be sitting on' cat thing, but she's also really picky about what she eats out of.  Yeah, not what she actually eats, but what bowl I put her food in.  I have a red bowl and a white bowl for her to eat out of.  I bought the red one because she went days without eating once and I switched her food four different times and when that didn't work I bought her a new bowl.  Guess what?  That did the trick.  We are now over the red bowl, and have moved back to the white bowl that I thankfully kept.  Weird.

True to middle child form, and much like her momma, my second born is my strangest.

"Mom! Get my good side!"
First of all, most of my pictures of her look like that.  And the ones that don't, are pictures of her staring at me in a scary 'I want to know what your insides look like' way, with some random toy in her mouth.

When Joe's not posing for the camera, her favorite activity is licking the oven.  She should be embarrassed about how many times I've walked in the kitchen and caught her licking the that thing like it tasted like snozzberries.  She's not, but she should be.  She also is quite the dog treat snob.  Don't even think about giving her MilkBone.  She's too good for it.  If you manage to trick her into taking one of those treats, she will promptly walk up to me and spit it in my lap or my hand.  I wish I was lying.

 Last, but not least, and definitely in no way normal, is my newest baby.

First of all, let's be sad about how my little Olive Juice is getting way too big way too quickly.  At about 18ish weeks old, she can already jump on top of everything in the house.  EVERYTHING.  Every table, counter, bed, desk.  Everything.  And much like her oldest sister, she's in cahoots with Joey and likes to knock things on the ground that the pup's not supposed to have and can't reach.  Nothing is safe in my house anymore.  Olive's favorite game does not involve any of the many toys I dropped a small fortune on, it involves dog food.  At any given moment during the day, you can find her standing over her sister's food bowl, picking up individual pieces of dog food, throwing them in the air, and batting them across the house.  If you're in the living room or dining room, you're in her line of fire.  You've been warned for your next visit.

She also likes passing time hanging out in the water bowl, empty or not.  She's fitting in just fine in this house.

And I don't care what the bf says, there is no way they get all of this from me.  He has to take credit for at least the licking the oven.

Smell ya later.

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