Friday, September 6, 2013

The Boob Tube

Oh, hey there.  Don't worry, I'm still alive.  I'd like to say I've been super busy doing really important grown up things, but that would be a lie.  Plus, I accidentally typed 'dong' instead of 'doing' just now and had to take a ten minute break to stop laughing, so there is no grown up here.  Anywho, I did spend two days doing baby shower planning things this week, so that was kind of grown up.  Actually, it was a day and a half.  Ok, a day and 30 minutes on Monday.  GET OFF MY BACK.  So, what possibly kept me away from updating this bad boy for my millions of readers mom?  A good old fashioned Netflix binge.

And no it wasn't on 'New Girl', although that's a pretty fantastic show.  I discovered 'Scandal'.

I know, I know, I should have been on this show from the start.  Again, GET OFF MY BACK.  I have a really bad habit of giving a show exactly three minutes during its premiere to impress me and then I decide if I let it run my life for the next few months or not. 

Having an overnight job obviously cuts into my prime time viewing schedule.  After I realized that I would have to spend all three of my days off every week catching up on the DVR, because like all Americans, I treat watching TV like a sport and watch a million shows, I had to pick and choose which ones to keep up with.  So, I basically only keep up with Grey's Anatomy, and then wait for everything else to pop up on Netflix and keep my ass glued to the couch and marathon it out.

So, I got bored last week, and gave 'Scandal' another shot, and...

This show is blowing my mind.  Olivia Pope, forgive me for thinking this show was stupid the first time I watched it.  I also thought 'Breaking Bad', 'Sons of Anarchy', and 'The Walking Dead' were all stupid the first time I tried to watch them, so I obviously can't be trusted. So, if you love a good Netflix marathon, like you should, watch that show.  With, of course, breaks for football.  Like this weekend, starting at noon, my ass will be moving from the couch in front of my TV to a bar stool in front of 27 TVs, to watch the Gators travel six hours south to get their asses handed to them. 

Why yes I can segue just fine from dramatic television shows to college football, thank you very much.

We both played mediocre teams last week, so your guess is as good as mine as to how how this game will turn out.  I mean, the Canes are definitely winning, I just don't know how close the game will be. 

I've rounded up a nice little group of Gator fans to watch the game with, because the only thing better than watching your team win surrounded by a bunch of like minded fans, is watching your team win with the losing team's fans.

Suck it.

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  1. This is awesome. I totally just wrote a blog post about how I binged on Scandal this week and was basically a recluse because I was just watching the show. It is so good! Can't wait for the new season!!