Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Down at the Dog Park

It's no secret that the dog park is one of my favorite places in the world.  First of all, a place full of puppies? Yes please.  Second, anything that makes my Joey happy makes me happy.

This place has also been the home of Tina and Joey's most embarrassing moments.  

1. The time I thought Joey was going to die.

So, I usually avoid the dog park like the plague on the weekends.  It is wayyyy too packed for our liking.  One weekend, after being stuck inside all week due to crappy weather, I decided to suck it up and take Joey to play.  There is usually at least 100 dogs and their owners here on a weekend day.  One of those owners decided to name his dog Gator.  So, when he starts yelling his dog's name, I naturally assume this a warning cry, and that there is an alligator in the lake.  I went from lounging on a chair reading a book to waist deep in the water in roughly two seconds, trying to get Joey out before she was eaten.  There was no alligator to save my dog from and your dog has a stupid name, sir.

2.  The time I had the same name as three dogs.

I'm fully aware that I share a name with a particular drug, but it turns out, I also share a name with half the dog population in Orlando.  Walking up to or waving at somebody you thought was talking to you when they were really speaking to a Doberman is right kinds of embarrassing.  When there were three dogs named 'Tina'?  Let's just say I got plenty of exercise walking back and forth between three different owners, since I never caught on they weren't calling me. But I did get some treats.

3.  Joey has a foot fetish.

There.  I said it.  Joey loves feet.  And not cute little puppy paws, but human ones.  At least four to five times a day at the park, she walks up to somebody and either licks their feet, or sits on them.  Usually, she sits on them.  So, I'm constantly apologizing for the 'weird dog that keeps sitting on people's feet'. 

4.  Joey the Clepto

My child is a thief.  Big time.  Is she were a person, she would have been on probation before her first birthday.  Today alone, I had to return four different things to four different people, because apparently I've done a piss poor job teaching Joey right from wrong. 

This isn't mine.

This either.
Can't have it back!

Oh well, what can you do?  We like to leave our mark wherever we go.  Deal with it.

Tina and Joey:  Coming to a Dog Park Near You.

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  1. Haha who names their dog Gator? Or Tina?? Tina is clearly a human name...