Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boyfriend!

Today.  I have mixed emotions about today.  On one hand, my favorite boy in all the land, celebrates his 29th birthday.  I love his birthday, because it means he's still here, alive,  hanging out with me.  On the other hand, it's not my birthday, so there's that.  I will push my jealousy aside though, to tell you 29 things that I love about him.  I promise this will be bearable and not include sappy things like 'I love the way he looks at me', but I do.  I do love the way he looks at me.  Hey, there's number one.

2.  He always shares his candy with me.  That's important because I love candy so I always want some, and he loves candy so it's kind of a big deal that he actually let's me have some of his.  The first time he ever shared a Reese's with me?  That may have been the first time I told him I loved him, too. Why?  Because Reese's are the biggest deal to him out of all the candy food.

3.  He opens stuff for me.  I hate to admit it, but when it comes to jars, bottles, cans, whatever, I'm kind of a helpless girl.  Just the other day, I couldn't even open a can of black beans even with a can opener.  Enter the birthday boy, and viola.  Sure, I may have gotten a 'how did you ever survive without me' look, but I was eating some black beans 20 minutes later.

4.  He thinks he's funny.  I mean, I think he's funny, too, but he cracks himself up the most.  On a daily basis.  I love it.

5.  He thinks I'm funny.  Nothing pleases me more than when I can genuinely crack him up.  I'm pretty good at doing it, and he'll openly admit he thinks I'm funny.  Well, at least to me, anyway.

6.  He saves purple stuff for me.  Grape flavored stuff is my jam.  His too.  I also like grape jam.  He would never eat the last grape Popsicle.  That's all of mine.  He did, however, have a friend over the other day who ate one.  I hope he's broke the news to said friend that they can longer speak.

7.  He likes cats.   It took me six years of living in Orlando to find a guy who isn't allergic to cats and actually likes them.  Just so happened, that same guy had a million other things going for him.

8.  He has pet names for the pets.  He refers to our cats as 'Big Kitty' and 'Little Kitty' instead of their actual names.  Makes me giggle.

9.   He's a Dolphins fan.  This is extra important because it helps me put up with the fact that he's an FSU and Rays fan.  I'm working on fixing that.  Don't worry.

10.  He's gotten better at noticing haircuts.  If you have a brother, father, husband, ANY male in your life, you know how much they suck at doing this. He's actually noticed the last two changes in hair color or length.  Once, he even said he liked a haircut when I hadn't even gotten one.  So, maybe he doesn't actually notice so much as just guess every few months.  Whatever.  Makes me feel pretty.

Here's a cute picture of us for intermission.

Let's continue.

11.  He fights clean.  Kind of.  We don't really fight.  Ever.  I know, I know.  His biggest insult toward me to date is 'You know, I don't even read your blog!'  That actually kind of stung.  If he doesn't read this, then maybe this should have been '29 Things That Make Me Want To Punch Him'.

12.  He's an excellent gift giver.  I don't need to explain this.  He gets me awesome presents without having to ask me what I want.  That's at the top of every girl's list.
13.  He has an awesome family.  Getting along with your significant other's family is just as important as getting along with him or her.  His family is amazing. 

14.  He spares my feelings.  I'm a much much better baker than I am a cook.  Early in our relationship, when I thought I had to impress him with other things than just being awesome, I used to make him dinner every night.  Good or bad, he would eat all of it.  If it was bad he would just ask me a few weeks later not to make it again.  He would never once say he didn't like it.

15.  He's an excellent cook.  Where I lack in the cooking department, he makes up for, times a million.  Thanks for those extra 12 pounds, babe!

16.  He puts the toilet seat down.  This wins everything.  If you live with a boy, be jealous of me.  

17.   He leaves me notes.  That will work over flowers any day of the week.  They're even better if he drinks before writing them.  Sure, it's legible, but are we sure that's a word, babe?

18.  He's calm.  This works, because I'm kind of a nut job, for lack of a better term.  Actually, that's just what people like to call people like me.  He is seriously the yin to my yang.  (Gross, did I just say that?)  One time, he started a fire while cooking pork chops, and just threw another pork chop on there instead of panicking.  I would have passed out and burnt the house down.  Actually, I wouldn't have been making pork chops, because it comes from a cute pig, but you get the point.

19.  He deals with the little vegetarian in me.  He actually gets double points for this, because I was vegan for the first eight-ish months we dated.  And he was more than happy to frequent vegan restaurants with me and perfected a decent amount of critter free dinners for me as well.  He still makes sure there is always something for me to eat if we're going to a cook out or camping or anywhere else that isn't big on guilt free food for me.

20.  I like his friends.  His friends are like brothers to me.  I can count on them for anything, joke around with them, cry to them, and get drunk with them.  They also give me an excuse for another picture break.

Alright kids, nine more to go.

21.  He always lets me have the last bite.  This is probably definitely the glue that holds us together, because I. Love. Food.

22.  He can make a sandwich out of anything.  Think of something that shouldn't be made into a sandwich.  He's made it into one and it's been delicious. It's a very special talent of his that I love so much.

23.  He's friendly.  Naturally, he's nice to me, but he also has managed to get all of our neighbors on his good side and they LOVE him.  They mow our grass without us asking, leave us beer they think we might like on our doorstep, all kinds of fun stuff.  And that's all his doing.  I started baking them cookies way after we were getting favors.

24.  He lets me do what I want.  There's so much trust between us, it's almost ridiculous.  There are never any doubts between us or any questions that need to be asked.  Plus, I don't really remembered what happened in Vegas anyways.

25.  He made me grow my hair out.  I spent the past three years complaining about this.  Long hair is hot and time consuming and expensive.  But now I love it and my hair looks fantastic.  Good idea, honey.

26.  He corrects my grammar.  This would normally drive me nuts, but honestly, it just proves that he is intelligent and actually listening to me.  I'm just saying, there is no way you can tell somebody just ended a sentence in a preposition unless you were paying close attention.  Which is nice, since a certain best friend of mine frequently admits she doesn't listen to me most of the time.  Go ahead, move to Montana.

27.  He thinks about me.  We don't get a lot of time together, so any communication is important.  He likes to email me funny memes, or recipes I might like/should cook for him, or things I might like to buy.  It's nice knowing that I cross his mind when we're not together.  It's perfectly fine that it takes any and all cat videos or a list of 85 Nutella Recipes for me to pop into his head.  Whatever works.

28.  He knows that 'no' means 'yes'.  Anytime he goes to fast food restaurant, he asks me if I want anything.  I, being a female on a never ending diet, always so 'no thanks', and he always returns with french fries.  I usually make out like a bandit and get the rest of his, too.

29.   He has fantastic taste in women.  Obviously.

Happy happy birthday to my sweet, wonderful, silly, smart, witty, loving, amazing boyfriend.  The only day that even holds a candle (get it?) to this day is the day I was lucky enough to meet you.  Oh, and I like the way I look at you, too.

Now, let's go to lunch you sweet boy, because my liver still hurts from celebrating this weekend.