Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Happy Weekend

I don't know about you,  but I had a fantastic weekend.  After a super stressful/crazy/scary night at work, I squeezed in a quick three hours of sleep and took my Miami Hurricanes loving ass up to the bar with my FSU fan boyfriend and his friend who has equally poor taste in college football teams, to watch some football.

Sidenote:  Somebody forgot to ok the start time of this game with me.  Momma works until six in the morning.  No more noon games, please and thank you.  Anywho, I have very very few smart Miami fan friends.  I grew up pretty close to Gainesville so most of my friends root for the Gators.  I don't what they're thinking either.  Definitely had to lay some ground rules for the game, because, I like to talk shit, but I was genuinely worried about winning this game.

I don't know if you hibernated over the weekend and missed some football, but I got to be the deliverer of said snapchat.

That's right, suckers.  Canes won.  And while most of my friends were civil about that, sending congratulatory text messages, there was the occasional soar loser.  'The Gators beat themselves, you guys aren't good enough to do it.'  'The refs won that game for you guys.'  Blah blah blah.

Please, chew on that.  If the Gators win next time we play, remind me to blame it on the way my hair looks that day.  Last time I checked, the team that makes the least mistakes is usually the better team and the winner.  It just so happened to be us this time.  I would say 'get over it' but I'll be rubbing it in your face too much for you to forget about it and move on.  Sorry for ya.

Anywho, noon games not only call for very little sleep, but also for a very early start time to the beer drinking.  So, to say yesterday was a long day would be one hell of an understatement.  But, it was well worth it.  Not only did I get to watch my boys win, but I got to spend all day with the boyfriend, which rarely ever happens.

 So, I woke up Sunday morning fairly certain I was going to die.  Oh well, nothing a little pizza, an omelet, and some Gatorade couldn't fix.  But, there was no Sunday Funday for this girl.  I watched that other group of football players in Miami kick a little ass all from the comfort of my couch.  The football gods were way too good to me this weekend.  The baseball gods on the other hand, kicked me in the shins.  The Braves got all kinds of swept, but we're twelve games up, so whatev.  We can throw the Phillies a bone or two. 

I may be speaking too soon, but I might see a National Championship, Super Bowl Championship, or a World Series win in my future.  Maybe all three.  You never know. 

My lazy marathon ended with 'Breaking Bad', which blew my mind like it does every mother f-in' episode.  Why does it have to end??  All the truly awesome shows always know to end it after five or six seasons, so they never start to suck.  I would be perfectly content listening to Jesse's perfectly enunciated 'bitch' for at least 75 more seasons. 

I'm off to find some house chore to do or something, because I was easily the biggest waste of a person in all of the world yesterday, and the pets are starting to judge me. 


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