Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey there!  Did you make it through Monday okay?  You sure?  Good.  Me too.  Mostly because I can be a lazy POS on Mondays.  I wasn't, but I can be.  I got my toosh out of bed in the AM, which is quite rare on a Monday.  Fine, it's pretty rare for any day of the week.  (That's in case the bf reads the bloggy because he'll come straight home and say those exact words).  Anywho, after a quick work meeting I headed out for lunch with a friend and then did some shopping for some more goodies for her upcoming baby shower, which is coming along pretty awesome so far.  On my way home from our daytime shennanigans, guess what I found?

A PUPPY!!!!  This poor little nugget was limping around with just the saddest of all looks on her face.  I stopped my car and she hobbled right up to me and let me pick her up.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, she had a tag.  Her name was Sarah and she had a momma.  So, no free puppy for me.  See, I grew up in the sticks and about 85% of our pets we either found on the side of the road or they wandered up to our house, so every time I see an animal roaming around unattended, I automatically assume that I get to add him or her to my collection little family.  It never ever works out that way.

I reluctantly called her owner and had to give her back.  If she didn't look so relieved to see her little fur baby I would have reprimanded her for not keeping a better eye on her.  Actually, I lie, I hate confrontation.  But the lady told me that was like the third time she had gotten out that week.  Her present limp came from escaping and getting hit by a car.  I understand mistakes happen, but you ma'am, are toeing the line of being an unfit parent.  I frequently see owners jogging with or walking their dogs off leash around her.  Which is not only illegal, but completely irresponsible.  No matter how well behaved your dogs are, keep them on leashes kids.  *End public service announcement.*

So, I had to return to my sad, empty, three pet house, but not before sending a picture of the little baby to the boyfriend.  He, of course, completely ignored the text, since by now I should understand that the next pet will cost me the low low price of one stable adult relationship, so he says.  Stay tuned to see if I ever test that threat.

Also, Joe got a bandana.

I think she looks fabulous.  She is no doubt wondering how to kill me with the thing. 
Seacrest out.


  1. Awww what a cute little puppy. I have been daydreaming about getting our next pup but it's not gonna happen for at least a year

  2. I HATE PEOPLE WITH OFF LEASH DOGS. I go ballistic and typically lecture the owner. No matter how far from me the person is or how old they are. NOT EFFING COOL.

    and I like Joe's bandana