Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Shower!

Oh, this weekend.  It was way too long and way too short all at the same time.  This weekend was FINALLY baby shower time.  I feel like I've been planning this thing for roughly six years.  After finishing up some last minute things Friday night, it was finally time to get my co-hosting on on Saturday.  Baby showers are one of the very few things in life that are 100% worth the hard work you put into them.  Helping a good friend prepare for one of the most important things that will ever happen to her and seeing her get all the happiness she wants and deserves in life will always leave you feeling awesome.

I was actually smart about this shower though, and co-hosted it instead of being an idiot and trying to throw another one by myself.  So, instead of feeling like this the whole time:

I felt more like this:

A. I actually had somebody to high five since I wasn't doing this solo, and B. Things went much more smoothly than I anticipated.  If you ask anybody who was there they will more than likely call me a big fat liar, because I ran around like a crazy person all day long, but much less crazy like than I thought.

Another tip for shower throwing besides making sure you share the planning duties, is do a co-ed a shower if possible.

First of all, a group of boys will give you an excuse to get a keg and stuff a piñata full of liquor.  Also, when you feel taking a break from hosting duties and kicking your feet up chugging a beer, the boys are there to provide entertainment.  The dad to be and the other dudes who showed up definitely did not disappoint in the entertainment providing.  All those guys and the pretty ladies who also made an appearance did not dissapoint in the presents department either.

Baby Elaina will definitely not go without when she finally shows her beautiful face next month.

Another thing that helps when planning a baby shower?  When the mother to be's sweet aunt knows how to make a kick ass cake. 

That definitely saved me a ton of money/stress/few years off my life. 

And like a bad little blogger, I don't have anymore pictures.  Sorry, I was too busy coming in second in a co-ed beer chugging contest and doing shots of crown with Sarah, my handy dandy co-host.  Sorry about it.  But, I do have a fair amount of pictures coming my way shortly, so keep your eyes open for another post.  Get excited.  I promise to include a recipe for the crazy delicious sangria I made for the shower too, so seriously, stay tuned.  
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Also, I managed to chip a bone in my hand while trying to make ham pinwheels. Don't ask. Happy Monday, kiddos!

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  1. Looks like you did a great job! Agreed on the having a partner. I threw a shower for two workers by was fun and all but probably would've been better with helping hands :)