Monday, October 28, 2013

The Chandler to my Monica

Hey there!  Forgive me for posting when the day is practically over, but I had a hard time getting into a more comfortable position on the couch that would allow for typing.  Happy Monday, suckers.  I had a pretty busy weekend, so I'll get to it.  I got to do one of my favorite things in all the land this weekend:  dog sit.  The only thing I love more than hanging out with my dog is hanging out with my dog and her best friend. 

First of all, please note how cute that lady is.  Second, Joe's face let's you know exactly just how much Barkley being in her seat displeases her.  We haven't quite gotten the whole 'sharing' thing down yet.  She doesn't have too hard of a time sharing her momma though.

After spending my Saturday at the dog park with two of my favorite girls, I met up with the boyfriend to head out to celebrate a sweet sweet friend turning the big 3-0. 

These group of girls that I celebrated with know how to drink their faces, so I felt like a big pile of shit on Sunday, and left my couch only to answer the door so Mr. Delivery Man could give me my omelet and french fries.  Flipping through my pictures from the night before I realized something, if the bf and I ever have to do engagement/wedding pictures they are going to SUCK.

He's a big giant pain in my ass when it comes to picture taking.  Just think Joey on FRIENDS having to stand in for Chandler when he and Monica were taking engagement pictures.  So if any you guys who actually suffer through reading this sucker on a Monday want to stand in for him should we ever need to take engagement photos, let me know.  Boy or girl.  It's 2013.  Maybe he's in witness protection and can't chance having his picture taking.  That would make him like 20 times cooler than me.  That's fine, he can be cooler than me, as long as he still gives me kisses. 

I know, GROSS.  But until he starts looking at the camera a little less like he wants to kill it or me, you guys have to suffer through us actually looking like the annoying couple we usually aren't.  Maybe I should look into bribery to get him to start taking pictures with me.  Or actual physical harm, because I can only bake so much and buy him so many presents.  So, if any of you guys have some tips on forcing the boyfriend to do things he clearly doesn't want to, I'm all ears.


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  1. What a fun weekend. That little dog is quite adorable!