Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's Hang Out, Girl

Let me start this by making it very, very clear, this will not be a post about whether or not I think George Zimmerman is guilty.  I don't plan on talking about things that serious on here for the most part, and plus it's none of your beeswax.  I want to talk about my new best friend, Rachel Jeantel.  This. Girl.  After being introduced to this gem yesterday, I couldn't wait until all the little kiddies on the internet started popping out the memes and gifs, and then, this happened:

I love her, because I would totally reference 'The First 48' or 'Law & Order' or whatever recent crime show I just binge watched on the couch the previous weekend prepping for court.  Shit, I would even take it a step further and throw out a few of those statutes or some legal jargon I have memorized from 'Law & Order: SVU'.  Sure, this trial might not have anything to do with a potential prostitution ring but I just want them to know I know my stuff.

This girl is gold, because she has the love/hate thing down pat.  I found myself yesterday wondering what it would be like to go get some 'court nails' done with her, and then immediately wondering where her manners are.  I mean, every time the word 'sir' comes out of her mouth, all I hear is 'mother fucker'.  But at least she's minding her manners? 

And have you seen her argue?  I mean, this defense attorney literally plays back a recording of her speaking and she will swear she didn't say it and you cannot convince her otherwise.  If I ever decide to stay out past eight o'clock at night and get into some hot water, I want this girl on my side.  She stands her ground, even when she's wrong.  Hell, especially when she's wrong. 

In all seriousness, no matter which side I'm on, I will definitely give her kudos for being up there.  She's 19 years old and has already known the pain of losing a good friend, and now is being forced to relive it hour after hour with a lot of weighing on whether or not people believe or like her.  I hope I am never put in that situation and none of us can pretend to understand how she's feeling up there. 

But let's end this on what we're all thinking:  Where the f were the weight gaining ferries when Casey Anthony when was in jail?  I mean if she's not going to rot prison she should at least have to walk around with half of that 200 pounds ole George Zimmerman put on.  Nothing says justice like an extra chin and some love handles.

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