Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Monday! No, really.

I haven't quite nailed down a theme for this blog yet, and most likely never will, but one thing you won't see on here is a once a week 'I hate Monday' post, because I don't.  I don't hate Mondays.  I love them.  That's pretty weird to read, huh?  Say it out loud, that will really freak you out.  Why don't I hate Mondays, you ask?  Because I've been on my couch pretty much since I woke up at 10:00.  That's right, suckers, I don't work on Mondays.  This comes in handy for quite a few reasons:

1.  Any hangover I manage to get at any time over the weekend has until Monday night to buzz off (see what I did there?).  Whether I go hard on a Saturday or do some pretty solid day drinking on a Sunday,

I have all day long Monday to start feeling like a normal person again.

2.  If I'm not hanging out with some of those dudes up there, I prefer to hermit it up all weekend long in the house with the pets.  Having Monday off gives me the day to clear the house of all to go boxes and wine bottles, and finally take a shower and put some pants on and basically spend the day trying to once again become a productive member of society.

3.  This last one's a no brainer.  Not working on Mondays means this girl gets a three day weekend every week.  How's that taste?

This weekend I mixed it up a little bit.  Laid around during the day on Saturday and then got a little sassy that night.  I was a little unsure on what mode I was in for the weekend, so I got confused and forgot to shower.

Sunday was extra nice because I got to spend the day with my aunt and grandma, which doesn't get to happen near as much as I would like.  I'm extra glad I got to sneak in a little Nana time this weekend because today, this beautiful lady turns 81.

(picture courtesy of my aunt's facebook page)

Annnnnd to make this Monday even better, it's also my daddy-o's birthday.  

I could bombard you with some more daddy and me pictures, because my Nana walked me down memory lane this weekend and sent me home with tons of pictures.  Unfortunately for me and fortunately for everybody who ever gets to lay eyes on these pictures, I had roughly 20 awkward years.  I might need to dedicate an entire post to those bad boys.  You're welcome in advance.

So, next time you feel like bad mouthing a Monday, remember on this Monday, I got to celebrate two of my favorite people.  So, cut Monday some slack, it's not her fault you guys have to work....and I don't.  My couch just threw something at me, I better head back over there.  Deuces.

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