Monday, December 2, 2013

Don't Threaten Me With a Five Day Weekend

Hi there! I trust you're reading this a solid four to six pounds heavier.  I know I'm writing this with at least that much extra weight in mashed potatoes in me alone.  Thanksgiving was exactly what I expect it to be every year:  spending time with people I love and eating until I was 100% sure I was about to be the first person ever to die from an overdose of food.  Thank God I was smacked with a five day weekend this Thanksgiving, I needed the extra time to digest.  I shared the cooking duties with the boyfriend's dad this year, and I outdid myself this time, specifically in the dessert area.

This is a Candy and Caramel Apple Pie and I wish that was a picture of one I made, but although most of the stuff I bake tastes delicious, it usually looks like I let my 19 month old niece make it.  And that shit up there was for breakfast three times since Thanksgiving.  So. Good. 

I squeezed in a about a two hour nap after consuming roughly 8000 calories and then drank about the same amount of calories in beer and spent yet another drunk night trying to get my stupid boyfriend to take a picture with me. 

Sigh.  One of us is bound to give up in this picture battle one day.  It will more than likely be him, because I'm much better at being persistent annoying than he is.  Ask everybody. 

 Anyway, I actually decided to hop on board the Black Friday train this year, so I was regretting all that Thanksgiving Bud Light at 7:00 the next morning, big time.  But, PetSmart was having a crazy sale, so I just HAD TO.

I'm pretty sure these guys were pretty pleased I got my bum out of bed and did some shopping.  Don't worry, I got myself plenty of shit too.  Then something really exciting happened, that needs its own blog post, but then I ruined the excitement by doing something dumb.  Really dumb.  The dumbest. 

In my half hungover half still drunk confidence in myself I signed up for a half marathon.  I don't know what I was thinking, but none of it was good or sane.  So, we'll see.  

Saturday I did something just as dumb.  The boyfriend and I don't exactly agree on college football teams at all, but lucky for him, I reallllllly hate the Gators, so throwing on the garnet and gold once a year to support his team unfortunately does happen.

This is definitely a lesser of two evils situation.  I by no means like FSU more than I like UF, I just hate FSU less.   Plus, Christmas is popping up in 23 days and I'm trying to get on the bf's good side. Yep kids, it's already December.  That doesn't even make sense to me.  I actually should have been prepared for it since I've been running to Mariah Carey, Hanson, and NSYNC singing sweet sweet Christmas tunes to me since the beginning of November, but I still can't believe it's now actually close enough to the holiday to dance around to All I Want For Christmas Is You.  Well, since it's December, the rest of you guys can join in now. 

Sing a long, kids!


  1. That pie looks so good. Mashed potatoes are my favorite!! Well that and my moms stuffing :)

  2. Hi! Can I ask you a question about your dog? If you could email me that would be great!