Monday, December 9, 2013

I Don't Wanna...Scratch That, I Can't Grow Up

Hi-ya!  Happy Monday!  Yeah, I said it again.  Some of you guys just need to accept that Mondays happen and find a new attitude about them.  I feel like you'll be a less annoying happier person for it.  Anyway, my weekend was nice and relaxing and amazing.  I spent Saturday going head to head with a bottle of Moscato next to a fire on the river while Joey played with friends. 

One of us was sore the next day and it wasn't the one actually running around exerting herself.  I used to love camping but within the past two years my blood has went from normal to crack for mosquitoes.  Seriously.  Bottles of bug spray are used on me and I still go home looking like the chicken pox have struck again.  But, nothing makes Joey and the boyfriend happier than being out at the river running around like fools, so suffer I shall.
Anywho, after washing all the dirt off of Joey and myself, I went to go hang out with my new favorite little lady.

 LOOK AT THAT FACE.  My new happy place is hanging out with her.  She is the sweetest, snuggliest, yummiest little thing I have ever laid my eyes on. 

 And it's super awesome watching one of my friends adjust to motherhood so well.  It's like somebody just handed her a baby and said 'Now be a mom' and it happened.  I never had my doubts she would be a good mom, I just find it weird that at a year and a half younger than me I don't find it odd that she is a mother, but I would find it completely ridiculous if somebody trusted me with one of those suckers.  For an afternoon?  Sure.  Hell, even a weekend.  But let's not let me be in charge of keeping it alive long term or responsible for it remembering to do it's homework later or put shoes on.  Every other 27 year old in the world?  Sure, they're plenty old enough for a baby.  But, just like every other single adult thing ever, I'm just not old enough yet. 
I still feel weird that somebody lets me drive a vehicle without an adult.  Who let me sign a lease?  WHO GAVE ME CREDIT CARDS?!  I wonder everyday if I'll ever have that 'A-ha! I'm a grown up' moment.  I wonder if the boyfriend knows he's always going to have to be the adult in this relationship?  That's a scary thought, because he has more Nerf guns than my eleven year old nephew.  Oh well.  Somebody will come to their senses one day and come take all of our grown up stuff away and make us move back in with our parents.  Whatevs, free rent.  Shit yeah.

Who would have thought a week and a half old baby would actually make me feel young?  Just add that to the mile long list of why she's the most awesome baby alive.  And now I'll leave you to your Monday while I tweak my plans to kidnap that little angel.

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  1. Haha I love that quote up there!! I feel the same exact way. I have a younger friend who is married and has two kids and it baffles my mind that I am the older one. Will I ever feel old enough for those things? Do those people feel older than me??