Friday, December 20, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

I'm not sure if you're new in town, but there are only five days left until Christmas.  FIVE DAYS.  What does that even mean?  Fun fact:  Your girl is all finished with Christmas shopping.  Take that procrastination.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back to my regularly scheduled putting things off until the last minute in 2014. 

So, all of the gifts that I've purchased have either already arrived to the house or have already been shipped and should be here any day now.  The boyfriend, on the other hand, is a fan of doing things last minute like I do, he just happens to keep up the bad habit during the holidays.

The boyfriend and I approach every gift giving situation the same way:  we see if the other person is dying to have something specific that they won't buy for themselves, then either get that or surprise them with something.  I usually never ask for something specific because I LOVE surprises.  Seeing presents wrapped up that I can't touch and that I have no idea what they are kind of makes me feel like I want to die a little bit, but in a good way.  That excitement definitely has not lessened with age.  Thank goodness.

This year the bf did ask for something specific, which is fine because I tried to surprise him last Christmas and he guessed what it was in about two seconds.  He doesn't care for surprises anyway.   I actually did ask for something specific as well, but apparently the rest of you guys asked for the same thing, because it sold out before he could buy it.

So, if I see you around town with a specific Michael Kors creation, don't me surprised if I tackle you and steal it.  Maybe you guys did me a favor because now I won't know what I'm getting until I open it in FIVE DAYS.  Unless I can sweet talk him into letting me open presents on Christmas Eve again.

I can't even begin to guess what I'm getting.  I LOVE IT.  If he listens to me at all and also hates himself, hopefully I'll end up with another four legged mouth to feed.  I mean, puppies were kind of made to have little red bows on their heads.


I will also take a kitten, goat, or guinea pig.  Just make sure they're wearing a bow.

Unfortunately, here is a 200% chance I will not be getting a new fur baby for the holidays.  I think he feels outnumbered as it is.  Him against myself and three pets.  One more on my team and I'll get to control the thermostat and pick where we eat dinner.   

I will take any of the following as gifts though:

1.  A trampoline.

2. A tree house.

3. Any and all things that I've pinned on Pinterest.

4.  My soul back from Nelnet.  Student loan payments can really ruin a girl's day life.

5.  A Super Bowl win for my Dolphins.

6.  Britney Spears to move her Vegas show to Orlando for one night only.

7.  Nap time.

Happy shopping, honey!

P.S.  If  you could make number four happen and then write me a note about it and slip it into a new purse, that would be great.  We'll talk about it over that bottle of wine you bought me too while we're walking the new dog.

You're the BEST.

Let's be honest, I really just want you to take a picture with me and not look like you're wondering if anybody would even notice I was gone.
Yeah, how about you just smile for me for Christmas? 

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  1. Soooo what did ya get?? A new puppy would be so fun, if only.