Monday, May 19, 2014

Looks Like Carolina

Happy Monday, kittens!  That was actually much harder for me to say than usual, because I'm officially off of vacation today.  Yep, no more spending too much money, eating too much food, and sleeping too much.  It's laundry, grocery shopping, and walking the dog for me today.  Ok, the walking the dog part I'm totally fine with because the separation anxiety was sky high. 

I typically don't leave her for more than two days at a time, so four days away from her was rough.  But I survived, and Joey was only worried about her dad being gone. 

Seriously, I think she forgot she had a mother.  She wouldn't leave his side, no matter how many treats I bribed her with.  I'll pretend like I didn't cry.  Whatever, it made me feel much better about leaving her to go hang out in the mountains of North Carolina.

First things first:  In an effort to be a grown up and not procrastinate, I checked the weather on Monday and packed ahead of time.  High in the 80s and low in the 50s all weekend?  Sounds like perfect vacation weather to me.  Except Mother Nature exercised her prerogative to change her mind.

That was the weather I was working with the entire weekend, and I was severely inappropriately packed for it.  So, the sweet sweet boyfriend bought me a scarf that didn't match anything I brought to wear, but whatever.   Anyways, back to the vacation.  I don't take many vacations that don't involve going to visit my family, and they're family, so you know, stress.  More importantly, this was the first vacation the boyfriend and I have taken alone since our one year anniversary.  We're one month shy of our four year anniversary, so to say this vacation was necessary was an understatement.  

A total of sixteen hours in the car together, shopping together, eating every meal together, and going to sleep at the same time (which rarely happens because of my work schedule), and he only threatened to hit me once and that was on the way back to Jamlando.  This is mostly impressive because I am insufferable on trips that last more than 30 minutes. Seriously, being in a car makes me want to die.  But we survived, and we came out looking cuter.

P.S. We have reached the 'tie matches the dress' point in our relationship.  

So, now I'm home, he's at work, and the calories count.  You guys go about your business today and don't worry about me, I'll just be over here unpacking and missing this view:

Mondays are stupid.

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